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See how Adobe Stock can help your team spend more time creating and less time managing assets. Call 800-685-3524.

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African Woman With an Orange Turban

See how Adobe Stock can help your team spend more time creating and less time managing assets. Call 800-685-3524.

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Creative Assets

We give you over 270 million reasons why we’re the one-stop-shop for visual storytelling. From illustrations, photos, and videos to 3D assets and design templates — find everything your creative team needs to stay creative.   

Premium Collection

The cream of the crop from our top contributors. Discover videos and images from gifted illustrators and photographers that have been curated by creatives into our stand-out collection. You’ll also find premium content from our partnerships with high-profile contributors including Hero Images, Caia Image and EyeEm.

Adobe Stock Milles Studio/Stocksy

Portrait of young man with headphones dancing in neon labyrinth


High-quality HD and pixel-rich 4K to tell any story. Skip the costs of hosting your own photoshoot and start with stock. In addition, our motion assets make it easy to add title sequences, lower thirds, and much more.

00:10 4K HD
Adobe Stock Dudarev Mikhail


Millions of options from artists around the world. Discover diverse perspectives across photography and illustration. Our vector-based assets are easily edited and scalable to use at any size, in any project.

Adobe Stock Jacob Lund

Diverse business group working together

Adobe Stock Marcel

Magazine Layout with Colorful Accents


Our creative templates are built by designers to offer thoughtful, high-quality, and easily customized starting points for your next project. Search, purchase, and open templates — for brochures, social posts, web layouts, and more — without ever leaving your Creative Cloud app.

Adobe Stock adobestock3d

3D rendering of little house on an island


Build and customize the scene you need with our stunning collection of 3D models, lights, and materials.


A fast-moving collection for a fast-paced news environment. Explore photography and footage from award-winning journalists to find the right piece for your next story. We cover topics trending around the world from diverse contributors — and remain a proud part of a worldwide photographic community.

Demonstrators protest against Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic and his government, in Belgrade


Thousands of high-quality, royalty-free music tracks sourced from world-class, award-winning artists and industry partners.

Adobe Stock Marcelo

Music producer working in music studio, controlling the sound mixer


Talented creatives in every field curate content into inspiring galleries to help you spark creativity and explore the depth of our collections. Across themes, settings, and asset types, our galleries help you reimagine how you use stock.

Develop world-class content quickly and easily. Your organization can access and manage images, graphics, templates, videos, and more — for projects big, small, and everywhere in-between.