Add a whole new dimension to your design.

We bring 3D into the stock mix so you have the building blocks necessary to leverage 3D design techniques. Royalty-free assets help you get any scene or brand visualization just right with an ever-expanding portfolio of models, materials, and lights to choose from.

No Expertise Required

High-quality visual results without the cost of a photo shoot. Create scenes, quickly iterate on product packaging, and boost the presentation of your brand by introducing 3D into your creative process.

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Close up scene of a small building, dock and a lake
Close up scene of an Escher style drawing with bright bugs on it
Product mock up of soda can, misc. packaging and detergent packaging
Juice can mock up in ice
Soda can mock up in ice
Whimsical town scene using wooden toys


Our ever-expanding library of custom curated 3D models are ready for you to place, scale, position, and style in Adobe Dimension. Create branding or packaging projects that immerse viewers in an authentic experience — or let your imagination run wild with surreal scenes that burst with creativity.

Adobe Stock adobestock3d

3D Tablet on a bright yellow background

Adobe Stock TurboSquid

3D paintbrush stroke on an orange background

Adobe Stock adobestock3d

3D Tulips in vase on a blue background

Adobe Stock Aikaterini Kokozidou

3D Modern armchair on a green background

Adobe Stock DOMEBLE

Rocks and tracks on the sandy coast, Australia

Adobe Stock DOMEBLE

Derelict building in Chicago, Illinois 1


Our 3D lights come from a variety of lighting settings - like indoor, outdoor, and studio. Whatever your scene requires, you’ll be able to adjust parameters to create authentic reflections, highlights, and shadows, bringing your composition to life.

Adobe Stock DOMEBLE

Midday sun over the ocean


Our 3D materials leverage realistic surface textures, contours, reflections, and shadows. Regardless of the light source, environment, or scale, every materials remains true to its source, bringing about the highest creative and aesthetic results.

Adobe Stock Substance Source

Shiny red plastic colored sphere

Adobe Stock Substance Source

Climbing rope sphere

Adobe Stock Substance Source

Acajou Light Wood sphere

Adobe Stock Substance Source

Polyester Spandex Hexagon Reverse sphere

Adobe Stock Substance Source

Blue rusted and painted metal sphere

Explore our 3D library to see what’s possible or to get started on your next project.


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