Bring life to every campaign with living colors.

To raise awareness of the impact of climate change on the ocean’s ecosystems, Adobe Stock partnered with The Pantone Color Institute and The Ocean Agency on Glowing Glowing Gone. This global campaign inspires brands to use the colors of climate crisis to share the ocean’s warning and inspire meaningful action.

Glowing Glowing GONE
Adobe Stock The Ocean Agency
The colors of a climate crisis.
Adobe Stock The Ocean Agency

Glowing colors are the ultimate warning sign.

Coral reefs around the world glow in vivid purples, blues, and yellows — communicating that their ecosystems are on the brink of permanent ruin. As a last line of defense, this color fluorescence acts as a natural sunscreen, shielding coral as climate change warms water temperatures worldwide.

Inspire climate action with issue-forward creative.

Make a splash with creative content that builds awareness of climate change. Explore galleries dedicated to the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign and to ocean conservancy. And design your campaigns with a color palette filled with the colors of the coral reefs — to connect consumers with the issues facing our planet.


See the colors of climate crisis.

With The Pantone Color Institute and The Ocean Agency, we captured the exact hues of coral fluorescence in a custom palette representing the colors of climate change. Learn how you can use these colors to raise awareness and inspire action.

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Adobe Stock The Ocean Agency

Dive into natural inspiration.

The Ocean Agency, an exclusive Adobe Stock contributor and winner of the 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Nature Documentary, “Chasing Coral,” has created a curated gallery of oceanic imagery. Use these images in your next campaign and support their mission to inspire conservation.

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Make your campaigns glow.

Glowing Glowing Gone inspired a new Adobe Stock gallery filled with deep ocean blues, iridescent purples, and electrifying yellows. Take a look at the imagery and colors that could inspire your next campaign.

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We can help you bring the colors of climate change into your campaigns.

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Adobe Stock The Ocean Agency

Make your visual voice heard.

According to a recent study, 64 percent of consumers make buying decisions based on a company’s social or political stance. But as more companies take a stand, it’s harder than ever to stand out. Learn how the right visuals can help your brand cut through the noise — and get five tips for building purpose-driven campaigns that will boost brand perception and customer loyalty. Submit the form to start reading.

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