Autumn/Winter 2021.

After more than a year of confinement, the joy of rediscovering our communities and gathering with loved ones will recharge consumers. What was once routine will feel brand new and the refreshing optimism of the season will spike creativity and wellbeing.

Friends hugging on an airfield after flying glider planes

Autumn trends.

Autumn will serve as a Season of Firsts for many consumers who feel like they are a refresh button. Things that were once commonplace – school, dinner outings, traveling, retail shopping – now feel new as consumers emerge and begin to do what they love once more.

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Autumn Holidays
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Sample Autumn Trends

Rural Retreats

“Retreats near cities and locally run hotels are emerging as new creative and social hubs for the community, tapping into the staycation boom, offering an accessible sense of escape.”

- Gemma Riberti, Head of Lifestyle at WGSN

Shared Experiences

“Experiences in the Metaverse today are about doing fun things together, but in the future, they will be about literally anything people can do together in real life —learn together, play together and work together, including unique and authentic experiences with brands and shopping.”

- Barbara Messing, Roblox, CMO

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Winter trends.

Winter will be full of cheer with glamorous, celebratory decor and cooking and creative gifting. These intimate moments and attention to connection will engage consumers on a deep level, driving loyalty and trust in the future.

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Communal Table
Winter Sanctuary
Shimmer & Glimmer
Winter Getaway
Winter: The Giving Glow
Finally, Festivities!
Winter Textures & Colors

Fall meals and friends together

Sample Winter Trends

It’s a Celebration

Pinterest searches related to “party” have increased 64% from November ‘20 to March ‘21 as the global reopening continues.

- Pinterest

The Getaway

87% of travelers agree that having a trip planned in the future gives them something to look forward to, while 78% of respondents said they simply need to travel in 2021 to relieve the stresses from 2020

- American Express Travel’s Global Travel Trends Report

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