Engaging Visuals for the New Normal.

Learn how to address consumer values through color and content.

Cheerful friends embracing while standing against sky

Autumn and winter 2020 represent an important time to track the shifts in how consumers work, socialize, dress, entertain, eat, learn and plan for their futures. As people connect in and from their homes and (hopefully) head back into their communities at varying speeds and conditions, the reshaped world is making consumers reevaluate their individual and shared values.

In this on-demand webinar, industry experts from Adobe and Pantone Color Institute explore COVID-19's effects on imagery and color. You’ll find out:

2020 has been a year that no one expected. But in the midst of isolation, we are preparing ourselves for the future — a future with the understanding that we all share something that cannot be taken away: creativity and kindness.

  • Key visual trends and topics for autumn and winter
  • How color captures your audience’s desire for connection by channeling key emotions
  • Effective visual messaging in an ever-changing cultural landscape

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