The State of Creativity Right Now:

How a Global Pandemic and Cultural Movements are Impacting the Industry

Illustration of woman with clouds for glasses

These may be challenging times, but creatives are turning 2020 into an opportunity to thrive and are showing how resourceful they can be even in the most difficult circumstances. To get a pulse on how the ever-changing environment impacts the creative community, Adobe surveyed creatives around the world and discovered that while creators do feel challenged in today’s environment, they are rising to the occasion by doing what they do best: They are getting creative.

This year’s disruption will permanently change the creative industry. Get details of the study from Adobe and Edelman Data & Intelligence, along with real-world insights on what it means to be creative today from top agency 72andSunny. You’ll find out:

  • How the events of 2020 have deeply impacted 72andSunny’s real-world campaigns and the positive changes they see for the future of creativity
  • How relevant imagery helps create on-trend and engaging content, especially when production is limited
  • How the creative industry is shifting and adapting in response to current constraints and challenges

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