Adobe Stock Film Fest 2020

While we continue to adapt to a world facing a number of challenges, one thing that remains the same is the power of creativity. Seeing our global creative community adapt and evolve their craft is a testament to how their passion adds kindling to the inspiration of others and provoking discussion. With this in mind, we asked 13 talented filmmakers from all over the world to produce a film in under five days with unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, audio from Epidemic Sound, and Premiere Pro to show us what the future of creativity looks like.

Woman in front of an abstract background
Where to watch

Join our host, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, Jason Levine for the first-ever Adobe Stock Film Fest.

July 15th at 9AM PT

The Filmmakers
Epidemic Sound

Huge standing ovation and thank you to our sponsor, Epidemic Sound, for providing our film entries with cinematic quality audio.