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Adobe Stock Film Fest 2020

We asked 13 talented filmmakers from all over the world to produce a film in under five days with unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, audio from Epidemic Sound, and Premiere Pro to show us what the future of creativity looks like. Watch the 13 films from the first-ever Adobe Stock Film Festival.

Young African American female with braids leaning on shoulder of black boyfriend and looking at camera during date on city street

Adobe Stock Film Fest 2020

We asked 13 talented filmmakers from all over the world to produce a film in under five days with unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, audio from Epidemic Sound, and Premiere Pro to show us what the future of creativity looks like. Watch the 13 films from the first-ever Adobe Stock Film Festival.

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Adobe Stock darkovujic

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Curated galleries

Side view of man with dog sitting on sofa at home

Adobe Stock Rachael Presky

Illustration of woman doing yoga under full moon at night

Adobe Stock andrei lazarev/EyeEm

Portrait Of Young Man At Home
Cropped hands of people on bed at home

Adobe Stock steven merola/EyeEm

Side view of French bulldog

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

Woman meditating with hands on forehead

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working with bread and pastry
Two Black Girls Taking Seflies on a Phone

Adobe Stock Yumiko Kinoshita

Kids jumping on a bed

Adobe Stock Sarah Alice Rabbit

on the phone

Adobe Stock MaaHoo/Stocksy

Adorable boy doing yoga with his mother

Adobe Stock EZ PHOTOS

Mother cutting her toddler hair at home during the covid 19 quarantine. Coronavirus pandemic family self isolation.

Adobe Stock Stocksy

Woman with yarn

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Adobe Stock Maskot

Boy playing with basketball during lunch break in school corridor

Adobe Stock Ruth Veres

Illustration of woman working from home on laptop

Adobe Stock Rachel Weill

A young girl does her schoolwork online and video chats with her classmates and teachers after the Covid-19 pandemic closed her school.
Student standing between bookcases and reading in university library


Side view of a young boy wearing casual clothes skateboarding against a colored wall
Pattern of Pencils On Blue Paper

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Side view of distance explorer in warm clothes and protective helmet standing on frozen cave and touching ice wall in winter

Adobe Stock cienpiesnf

People friend group hug in winter holiday clothes

Adobe Stock Naoko

snowy day

Adobe Stock Filmgarden

Conceptual bananas on blue background

Adobe Stock L?a Jones/Stocksy

teen and her dog on cabin porch

Adobe Stock Michelle Mildenberg

Illustration of young friends supporting each other

Adobe Stock Mirjam

Motherhood illustration

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Fresh delicious pikes

Adobe Stock Alberto Bogo/Stocksy

Man using spiritual items for yoga

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

Toddler boy asleep on red plaid bed in pillows at home

Adobe Stock moremar

The girl listens to music on headphones.

Adobe Stock Stocksy

Legs of jumping sportsman
Chilly Autumn Afternoon Read

Adobe Stock EVERST

Healthy eating food vegan lifestyle hands giving organic vegetables beets

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Adobe Stock Yura Yarema

Traveling-woman a sits near camp fire an in winter time and pours herself hot coffee.

Adobe Stock Biletskiy Evgeniy

Aurora Borealis, Lofoten islands, Norway. Nothen light, mountains and frozen ocean.

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

Man on stand up paddle board against iceberg.

Adobe Stock teksomolika

Two athletic man floats on a red boat in river.

Adobe Stock davidaguerophoto

Woman relaxing in hot spring.

Adobe Stock Michael Zech

Detailed close up of frozen leaf early in the morning in winter.

Adobe Stock iuricazac

Happy young tourist woman feeds seagulls on the sea.

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Smart phones /cell phones/mobile phones in air
Mother and baby at laptop in home office
Student wearing VR headset and holding controls
Cute puppy sitting on round black robotic vacuum cleaner

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

High angle view of sisters using tablet computer while lying on bed at home
Male IT technician with digital tablet working in network server room

Adobe Stock Lydia Hill

Hologram Desktop

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Optometry Tools
Overhead view of pills with bottles on table

Adobe Stock Cavan for Adobe

Woman going through MRI scanner

Adobe Stock metamorworks

vital signs in tablet screen, medical technology concept, various medical equipments

Adobe Stock Santi Nunez/Stocksy

Doctor covering her face with surgical mask

Adobe Stock Fill Ryabchikov/Minty

Illustration of hand with pills

Adobe Stock Blend Images

Acupuncture needles in African woman's back

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Adobe Stock EyeEm

View of empty chairs in rows
View from above waitress counting tips in restaurant
Portrait affectionate father holding tired baby son

Adobe Stock Adam

Senior man using laptop and drinking coffee in living room

Adobe Stock 365mm/Stocksy

Red and white threads for connection

Adobe Stock Denny


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Adobe Stock Santi Nunez/Stocksy

Portrait of girl using laptop at home

Adobe Stock Yara Nardi / REUTERS

Day three of Italy's nationwide coronavirus lockdown, in Rome
Teenage girl in dark room
Ambulance worker of 119 rescue team prepares to go out for transporting patients amid the rise in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Daegu

Adobe Stock Raúl Soria

Young urban freelance professional at work

Adobe Stock Maria Manco/Stocksy

Mother washing hands of her daughter with messy face

Adobe Stock Angelina Bambina

Novel coronavirus, people in white medical face mask

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Adobe Stock Wavebreak Media

Mature woman alone at home

Adobe Stock Westend61

Boy looking at his father working beside him at home

Adobe Stock MaaHoo/Stocksy

Adorable boy doing yoga with his mother

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

Close up of boy kissing on window

Adobe Stock Bo Bo/Stocksy

Woman working with her son in workshop

Adobe Stock Westend61

Smiling woman talking on smartphone while working at home

Adobe Stock Panfilia

Illustration of teenage boy working on laptop

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Adobe Stock fStop

Young man using mobile phone at home
Day three of Italy's nationwide coronavirus lockdown, in Rome

Adobe Stock ceres van hal/EyeEm

Woman walking on staircase of building

Adobe Stock Lesja

Woman looking out window

Adobe Stock thuyet nguyen/EyeEm

front view of two people sitting on an empty theater

Adobe Stock PhotoAlto

Young woman looking at smartphone and listening to earphones
A man, wearing a protective mask following an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), walks in Tokyo

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Adobe Stock Jay Kang

Natural Power

Adobe Stock Pune Design

Newspaper template with old fashion typewriter

Adobe Stock BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy

Portrait of young freckled woman with yellow bonnet

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Adobe Stock Karolis Janulis

Aerial view of surfers on the beach

Adobe Stock Cavan Images

Businesswomen looking at documents while standing in office
Pictures of the Year: A picture and its story
00:33 4K HD
Adobe Stock WavebreakMediaMicro

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Adobe Stock Mosuno/Stocksy

Beautiful Brunette Posing in a Flower Garden with CC Library overlay


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Funny puppy dog border collie lying on couch under plaid indoors

A change in the air.

Adobe Stock Hero Images

Portrait stylish non-binary young adult at painted mural wall

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