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See how Adobe Stock can help your team spend more time creating and less time managing assets. Call 01628 590 378.

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See how Adobe Stock can help your team spend more time creating and less time managing assets. Call 01628 590 378.

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Every Adobe Stock asset is automatically tagged so you can use keywords and filters to help quickly find the image, video, 3D model, or template that best suits your needs.


Smart search technology is powered by our artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, Adobe Sensei. By analysing large amounts of content and human search behavior at a deep level, Adobe Sensei cuts the time and multiple steps out of search/refine/repeat.

Search relevance

Adobe Sensei is able to understand the elements of images, illustration, and animation. We’ve combined artificial intelligence with human logic to deliver the most relevant results based on your search criteria.

  • Adobe Sensei automatically identifies the content and aesthetic characteristics contained within images and videos so that each is perfectly categorised.
  • Enter specific keywords, alone or in combination, to view recommended assets that match your needs, as determined by Adobe Sensei.
Kids body surfing

Visual search

Now, finding stock assets is much more intuitive. Adobe Sensei is able to identify the content and composition of your image — and automatically adds meta tags — to instantly deliver search results based on the visual information.

  • No need to translate a visual concept into a text-based one. Simply drag and drop an image into the search bar.
  • Visual search will tag it, search it, and deliver similar stock images. Then, get even better results by adding keywords and filters.
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Aesthetic filters

This is search science. Adobe Stock greatly enhances your ability to refine your results based on aesthetic criteria to discover— or create — a style you can make all your own.

  • Apply filters to leverage Adobe Sensei’s deep understanding of aesthetic components: depth of field and vivid color.
  • Fine-tune your search results using additional filters based on the content and orientation of an image to find just the right shot.

Find similar

We simplify your creative process. Adobe Stock photos, illustrations, and videos are automatically identified and tagged by Adobe Sensei for specific traits so similar assets can be grouped by only those key elements.

  • Search images by style or subject matter. From your results, find similar shots in seconds — including more from a series or with a particular model.
  • Once you’ve used the “Find similar” feature, apply various filter options to narrow your search results quicker.
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Based on feedback from millions of creative professionals, we’ve discerned valuable search tips that will aid your creative team’s hunt for the perfect image. Here are four simple ways you can make every search more effective — and efficient.

Close up of Jack Russell terrier dog

Sort by > Undiscovered.

Sort your search results by “Undiscovered” to find thousands of great images that have yet to be used. Be unique. Be the first.

Candid urban teen

Add a descriptor word.

Include keywords that might describe an emotion or the feeling of a shot, those that go beyond just the subject matter. Words like “frustrated, “fun, or “candid”.

Dirt bike racing

Use Preview Crop tool.

Visualise an image in layout using custom or pre-set aspect ratios. Then reposition it or scale it to your needs to better determine the ideal fit.

Various heirloom apples in baskets

Do a Boolean search.

Connect keywords with Boolean operators — AND, OR, and NOT — to restrict your search. Try multiple combinations to expand or narrow results.

Satisfy your visual quest. Our smart search helps your creative team work better, smarter, faster using artificial intelligence and real human ingenuity.